Acne Awareness Month

Crystal’s Corner

We all know someone who battles with some form of Acne. June is Acne Awareness Month. Let Crystal our License Esthetician create a package for you that will leave your skin feeling amazing.

Lift Peel or Beta Lift Peel: $150

Experience the benefits of exfoliation along with lightening and destroying bacteria that creates Acne.

Special: Receive a full size face wash with any Peel purchase.

(value $30)

During the month of June. Receive 15% Off all Image Clear Cell Products.


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Acne Clearing

acneAt Bella Aesthetica MedSpa & Wellness Center, we specialize in the treatment of acne in men and women of all ages and skin types.

We use industry-leading elōs™ acne treatment technology from Syneron, the first and only solution that uses a combination of bi-polar radio frequency (RF) and light energies to effectively and gently clear active acne by treating it at its source.

The combined energies of elōs™ penetrate the skin to precisely target and destroy active acne-causing bacteria, while also reducing the excessive production of sebaceous oil. Treatment helps to diminish active acne and speeds the healing of existing acne.

Elōs™ allows highly selective targeting of the sebaceous glands and acne bacteria. Infrared and RF energies reduce sebaceous gland activity while blue light simultaneously destroys active acne.

Elōs™ acne treatment is very comfortable and requires no topical anesthetics or other skin preparations. For your added safety and peace of mind, elōs™ technology features an advanced patient comfort system, which monitors your skin and keeps it at a soothing cool temperature during the procedure.

There’s no surgery, no sedation and no downtime. Most procedures take 30 minutes or less.

Because acne is usually a chronic condition, results depend on the severity of your acne. The more severe it is, the longer it might take for your improvement to become noticeable.

For most clients, a series of two treatments per week for four weeks is normal.

During your initial consultation, your Bella Aesthetica MedSpa practitioner will create a personalized treatment schedule tailored to your individual needs. For example, we often combine an herbal or chemical peel with a deep pore treatment for optimal results over the course of treatment.



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